Swab Barcelona is an international art fair that brings together galleries from around the world, curated projects, and collector programs to showcase young, emerging talent in contemporary art.


Transforming the lounge space of the Contemporary Art Feria of Barcelona - SWAB.

SWAB Art Fair 2017


SWAB Art Fair 2016


SWAB Art Fair 2017

This is not a story, it's not the typical beginning with a happy ending. It's an experience without end, it is something that raises your adrenaline, your heartbeat, makes you sweat and feels like screaming without stopping until you run out of air. This is something you gonna like and you'll be scared by how close you are to it. This is not a movie, and you're not just a viewer, it's a craziness that you either save yourself or you get stuck in it.

And if you get stuck, you better like it, because it will change your personality until the end of your life. If you're already scared, get ready, because we're going to talk about love, the same thing that so many people are afraid of and that pursued you for life.

Do you dare?  


SWAB Art Fair 2016

We looked up in the sky, in the unlimited infinity,

where the only thing we could see was how lost we are.


We looked up in the sky to search for a reason,

the reason that makes everything matter.


And as deeper in the sky, we were going

we realized how deeper in our mind we are.


And being there, in the unlimited infinity of ourselves

we understood that everything that matter actually is us.


Our story, our mind, our imagination, our world...where only sky is the limit.