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Nicolas Barrome is a French artist known for his power to transform reality into a colorful, fun world, full of creatures. This time his creatures are going to tell us a different story. It will be a real story and it will consume you in the same way that our material world is consuming us.

Obsessed with the desire to have more and more, always, we ask ourselves a question: How far will our consumerism take us and how big does this make our future?


Decided in two parts, Nicolas's Barrome works will take place in two events in Barcelona!

“Values in extinssion”


After a long and extensive research, the scientists of the National Museum of Emotional and Material Human Evolution, have come to the conclusion that human beings with the passage of time, technological development and mass production have lost the ability to value things. Confused and lost among an endless amount of belongings and information, the human being reached a stage of not knowing the value of the things, how to appreciate them and what is the real cost they have. The funny thing about this transformation is that despite not knowing what to do with all this, humans are very proud to have as much as possible of it. Luckily scientists have been able to rescue a few objects that have not yet suffered the loss of their value and human appreciation.

Workshop Raima


Mural, Drinks and Music / Metric Market