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“In Money We Trust”


In a progressive world, where the only thing that matters is going forward, money has been transformed into a symbol of power, power, without which we believe we are nobody. We have allowed a piece of paper to decide how much value we have, both us, and life in general. We have let it eat our heads to the point of not remembering how all this has started.


NemO's, is an Italian artist who uses visual criticism as a weapon. Sincere and fair, he nails you hard enough to break your perception of life, a life that may have lost the thread of truth values. His artistic expression is sincere, simple and right to the point of debate. You do not need to think twice to understand his message. Social criticism is in his blood and visual criticism in his hands since he has barely had a conscious life. His works are part of the pillars of the world of street art.

Workshop Raima


Mural, Drinks and Music / Metric Market

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