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Mister Thoms / Italy


True Love is Bipolar

Perfect love has no flaws, perfect love has the best appearance, and more than anything, who would not like to become the very perfect?

But this is perfect love, Love is another thing.

Love has its flaws, it has secrets and ugly and painful, and perverse parts If you think you can find the perfect love, do it but don’t forget that its base has many boxes hiding things that maybe you had not expected, neither of you nor of the other.


Mr.THOMS and creativity are like a 5 years old kid passionate about things that never stop. It's always exciting and you never get bored of seeing it, because of all the high emotional level that brings you.

His skill to take sometimes serious objects and transform them into a funny story leaves a special trail from him in every mural he paints. He is a storyteller with the ability to use any kind of technique to present his vision.

Chapter of the project 7Ways2Love

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