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 Live painting sessions in the space of  Guzzo, Barcelona




Jafet Blanch, an artist based in Barcelona, began his artistic career in the street until he became a professional painter, teacher in schools and inspiration for many. His work is easy to recognize by mixing two main things - classic style and sense of humor. Small details in his paintings show a different perspective on classicism that is still alive in modern life. After a few years focused on the studio work, Jafet decides to go out on the street again with all the force of his creativity.




Dan Kitchener (DANK) is an artist born in England but applies his art around the world. He has the possibility of working on canvases, in digital or large scale and on any surface, thanks to his great passion for everything he does and none of this scares him enough to stop working 24/7 and keep moving in different countries. Our guest has worked with artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Prodigy, Paul McCartney and more. Inspired by the combination of light and darkness, thanks to the spray, markers, stencils, and paint, defining his style very well and bring you to emotions that leave you between imagination and reality.




Dan Ferrer was born in 1980 in Madrid and since then he began to take his artistic destiny to disciplines from animation to advertising, clothing brands, bodypainting and thousands of other things more. To love what he does as a basic ideology of his work, he continues to develop his skills leading him to work with many important brands. Today we can see his works in the urban space with significant size.
Carrying a rhythm of madness, he does not stop developing his point of view towards life through his paintings.




Cristian Blanxer was born in 1985 to become one of the best painters in the urban art world with his unique style. Through recreating fantastic profiles that lead the fight between the real world and fantasy, he catches the attention of the spectator and leaves him surprised with his works. Cristian finishes the school of fine arts and does not stop to experience during his race taking a surrealistic style.




Everything starts in 1990 when the young, wild spirit starts to scream in the body of an artist. Years of experience, years full of emotion and a lot of art is the base of what now makes Art is Trash! Being a classic of the Barcelona art scene, Francisco de Pájaro expresses fearlessly his political revendication using the streets as a gallery and the trash as a source to create. We are more than happy to present you Francisco de Pájaro - Art is Trash - a symbol of revolution, inspiration for many and a true street artist!




The line between reality and imagination is very thin. The perspectives are changing with time, but there is one thing that will always stay and always will be - quality art and life experiences. The name is Mohamed Lghacham and he is a player between what it is and what your imagination tells you that is. Inspired by daily life, he brakes the rules of reality to create his own one, a bit more blurry and very, very inspiring.



Artist: ALANIZ


From Argentina to Berlin, to the end of the world, feels like a never-ending story. The path is long and it's all yours, you just need to make the first step. The only person that really can show where it is going is you and if you need a light to guide you, you can always search it in the art of Alaniz. Pure inspiration and positive vibration based on long stories from big experiences.


Artist: GLEO


GLeo is a Colombian street artist, known for her vibrant, captivating wall pieces filled with bright colors and animal forms. Animals-inspired masks and fascinating details and are her trademarks. GLeo has participated in festivals and street art exhibitions all over the world. This year she beat the record for the biggest mural in South Afrika. Go, go, girl!




Francisco Bosoletti is born in Argentina, Armstrong in 1988. In 2010 he completed his studies at an art school in another city - Rosario. From there he started his career at an advertising company. Later made a trip to Europe starting with London. There starts making small drawings that people like and they want to buy. This is the time when the young artist realizes he can really live independent from his art. On the way back in his hometown started his career as an urban artist. Bosoletti is recognized by the large scale, the image of women and tulips.
The symbology of his art is based on the opposition against all injustice and speculation in the economy and finance. His works are messages that travel the world with him.




Aleix Gordo Hostau is one of those people knowing the mission of their life almost since they are born. He paints since childhood and continues to develop his artistic activity until today. His style can be defined as pop surrealism or contemporary urban pop. His work begins with the publishing world but is now so amplified that it covers sectors such as advertising illustration, fashion, comics, graphic design, mural painting.




We present you two artists whose history can almost be presented as compression of thousands of years in two human lives. The intelligence, technology, creativity, and originality of each of them is an unattainable goal for mortals. What they are able to do separately achieve free plastic techniques, spray paint, acrylic paint, installations, murals, printing various media, motion graphics, web or 3D animation and more. The combination of them is like an overdose of art and in steps maybe we can travel all over the world. 

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