Genesis says that God created the world in 7 days,

taking advantage of the last one to rest.

We believe that we have the power to create new universes and perspectives

to life thanks to art, movement, and all the love that we give to it.

Inspired by this idea, we invite 7 Street Artists 

to interpret each one of these chapters:


I. Creation from nothing - Leon Ka

II. Day and Night - Klub 7 /Diskorobot, Lowskii/

III. Water - ZED1

IV. Plants - Zosen

V. Animals - Saddo

VI. Human - Insane51

VII. Rest - Txemy


Creation for Nothing Leon Ka


Day & Night - Klub 7


Water - Zed1


Plants - Zosen


Animals - Saddo


Man - Insane51


Rest - Txemy

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