Chapter VII - Boris Hoppek

Boris Hoppek / Germany


Sex can lead to love

The “I just want to have fun” moment, when nobody really thinks about love, only in the pleasure of having somebody to play with, the moment that human body transforms into an object with no spiritual values. It’s the “no obligations”,

“no responsibilities”, “no time for serious stuff“ moment which is perfect for fast living, 

consummator society, based on the belief & praying

to images that look perfect.


Sharp mind, crazy as fuck, immersively creative and all this completely under-cover in the body of someone that can't stay still, can't understand the word "ordinary" & will bring you as much as possible headache if he knows that this is the way for you to understand that the art world is not so small as your small brain thinks it is. No tabu is existing for him and all kind of sexuality is more than welcome for the street art and contemporary art scene.



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