This is not a story tale, it is not the typical story with a happy ending. It's an endless experience, it's something that gets you adrenaline, it hits your heart, makes you sweat and have the urge to scream without stopping until you run out of air. This is going to make you mole and you will be scared by how close you are to it. This is not a movie, and you are not just an observer. It's madness that you either get saved or get stuck. And if you get stuck, you'd better like it, because it's going to change your personality until the end of your life. If you're already scared, get ready, because we're going to talk about love, the same thing that so many people are afraid of and the one that persecutes you for a lifetime.
Do you dare?


¨7 Ways to Love¨ is a urban art project showing the different faces of love in an interactive way. 

During 2017-2018, we invite 7 different artists to show their point of view of what love is.


Chapter I - Anthony Lister


Chapter II - Dourone


Chapter III - Sepe


Chapter IV - Mr. Thoms


Chapter V - Waone


Chapter VI - Mario Mankey


Chapter VII - Boris Hoppek



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