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IDEA is a creative and future-oriented Artistic Content and Event Agency

founded by Desislava Staneva - an art dealer and agent who specialized in the production of exhibitions and urban art projects.

IDEA stands for and represents the belief that everything ordinary can be turned into something truly extraordinary. That´s why, by using artistic approaches, our promise is to take your next project to the next level.








Desislava Staneva

I am an art dealer and agent specialized in the production of exhibitions and urban art events.

After graduating in design in Bulgaria and Barcelona, in 2015 I began my professional career linked to the conceptualization and production of events for commercial brands. As a result of this experience, I decided to found IDEA Agency in 2017, specializing in the artistic and visual production of events in which I always seek to favor an approach to contemporary artistic creation through street art or urban art.

In 2020 I created IDEA Art Project specialized in the management and dissemination of a careful selection of artists from the international circuit, with whom I had maintained a constant working relationship since 2015 through various projects. My objective is to promote the work of these artists through exhibitions arising from their own initiatives or from collaboration with entities interested in presenting their work at private events or interventions in the public space. Likewise, it carries out advisory and consulting work in the acquisition of work for relevant private collections (Art Advisor).

In this line, I managed the execution of the mural interventions by Dan Ferrer (France, 2017) and Antonyo Marest (France, 2017), the group exhibitions La Puja I and II in Barcelona in Metric Market (2017); the art projects “7ways 2 love” (with Anthony Lister, Waone Interesni Kazki, Dourone, etc.), “Genesis” (with Zosen, Insane 51, Zet1, etc.), “Human Nature” (with Alex Gamsu Jenkins, Nicolas Barrome, Who is Nemos)(2016 - 2019) ; the partial artistic production of White Summer in Pals, Spain (2019) or the lounge space of the SWAB art fair (2017 and 2016); as well as the creation of the WUW Festival of art and extreme sports in Dobrich-Varna, Bulgaria (2015). 

My varied interests and extensive professional experience have led me to collaborate in leading international design events such as the OFFF Barcelona festival, being part of the team responsible for the identity of the event in 2016, or to the foundation in 2014 together with Carlos Carrera of the music and art magazine Bizzarre.co.uk. 

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